Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are the Days of My Life

Monday through Friday are typical days for me...Saturday and Sunday are like mini-vacation days from work. So here we go:

My alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. every morning, Monday through Friday. I usually hit the snooze button twice (ten minutes each) and then there's another 10 minutes or so that I just lay there. On this particular morning this week, I got up at:

As I'm getting ready, my dogs take over my side of the bed now that I'm gone:

Finally leave the house.

And this is my lovely drive...there's always a lot of traffic.

Surprisingly, I actually get to work a few minutes early.

Here's me at my desk.

Work, work, work until about 10:45ish, then I take a break and pump.

Here's my pumping room a/k/a the conference room:

Lunchtime depends on if I bring my lunch or not. If I bring my lunch then I'll eat at my desk while working and then later on I'll take a break to run errands or sleep in my car (I've done this several times). On this particular day I go to Target:

I love the $1 aisle at Target. My finds for the day were all for Jackson: 3 little books, a little Halloween bucket, and this cute hat for Thanksgiving.

The afternoon consists of more working, another pump break, and then:

5:00 BABY!!!

My drive home is pretty much like my drive to work, traffic.

I do a lot of this on my drive home:

I get home anywhere between 5:45 and 6:00. My evenings consist of transporting the pumped milk to baggies, getting dinner ready, cleaning up, and then getting ready for the next day. My favorite time of day though is getting Jackson ready for bed. I put his pajamas on, nurse him, sing a few songs, sometimes read a book, and then kiss him goodnight. A perfect way to wind down from the day.



  1. Love that sweet picture of you and Jax at the end.

  2. Me too! Can't believe how he's growing and can't wait to see you both sometime soon!