Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a beautiful day!

I woke up, we'll actually, I got woken up today at about 6:30 by my sweet baby boy, Chase. I had a few minutes to snuggle on him until my sweet girl, Allie was up for the day. We all migrated to the kitchen where I plopped Chase in his bouncy seat, and Allie and I(she likes to sit on the counter and help me) made some scrambled eggs and toast, and then I got her situated in her booster seat for breakfast. We all sat at the table, where I nursed Chase and visited with Allie as she finished her breakfast. We got all cleaned up from breakfast, then Allie watched some Dora the Explorer, and Chase played by himself for a while on the play mat. I took a minute to eat breakfast and then clean up dishes from the morning.

After breakfast, we all moved in to Allie's room and spent about an hour doing our little quiet time/prayer time, reading books , and playing Allie's instruments, and having a tea party. Chase isn't quite sure what to do with the all this activity, but seems to be content with it. We went to Chase's room, and Allie and I played with Chase and his toys- Allie likes to play with him-it's cute! Then Chase had some tummy time, and Allie sat at the table and colored- while I got dressed for the day. Chase then took a nap, and I made out a grocery list, washed some diapers, and made my bed. I got Allie changed/dressed for the day, and then after Chase's nap I got him changed/dressed for the day. Allie had a quick snack of avacados and cheese, while I packed up the diaper bags for the day, and then we headed out the door to go run a few errands.
I went to Target, the cleaners, and Kroger. Home after my errands, unloaded the groceries from the car and then I made PB&J's and cut up carrots and bananas for lunch for me and my girl. Nursed Chase while Allie played for a little bit, then put Allie down for a nap. Chase played for a while and I was able to talk to our realtor about house stuff(we are selling our house and trying to buy another house)...checked my email, then put Chase down for a nap- and I took a 45 min nap. Ahhhhh! Chase woke me up from my nap, nursed him, Randy got home early- so we visited for a while about house stuff- then Allie was up. I cut up some grapes for Allie's snack and let her watch a Dora, while Randy and I continued to discuss house stuff, played with Chase, had a dance party with Allie and we played airplane for a while, then I started getting dinner ready. I got all ingredients together to make Beef Stroganoff, sliced some top sirloin into thin pieces, then cooked the meal. Allie and I set the table for dinner(she helps with napkins), then we all sat down to eat. After dinner, nursed Chase while Allie and Randy played, then I cleaned up the kitchen. At about 6:45, Randy and I started getting the kids ready for bed. He bathed Allie, while I was getting Chase in his jammies- Randy put Allie to bed and I got Chase to bed about the same time...then Randy and I looked at our budget to see if we could afford another house we are looking at to buy...ate some Blue Bell banana pudding ice cream, talked to my sis in law, Jen for about an hour, then watched tv in DVR mode(the Office, Outsourced and Grey's), made Randy's lunch, bed.

Now sprinkled throughout my day are many time outs for my 2yr old, and lots of diaper changing for both kids...but couldn't remember exactly when I did those things...

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