Thursday, September 2, 2010


My top 5 annoyances would have to be:

1) Unattended children in public places.
Last time I went to the movies (to see Iron Man 2), there were toddlers and kids running up an down the theatre and the parents didn't seem to care that their children were disturbing everyone else there. Plus, why do they have their young children at a very grown up movie?? Maybe that should be an another annoyance...young babies/children at grown up movies or at late movies when they should be in bed...
2) The sound of smacking.
It just makes my skin crawl to hear someone smacking, or even a dog/animal smacking from licking themselves. It drives me NUTS!
3) REALLY negative people.
4) People who have too many dogs and don't play with/take care of them. So sad to see!
5) Seeing someone at the grocery store loading up their basket with junk food(cookies, sodas, chips, sugar cereals) and then seeing them pay for it with Food Stamps/Lonestar card. I am all for helping others in need, but I hard time having my tax $$ I am required to pay be put towards paying for others junk food.
6) This is just a personal annoyance, that is, it is annoying that I have to floss every day...I hate doing it, but I know it's necessary.

Things that may annoy others:
1) I can talk too much- I realize this and have tried working on this through the years, but some times I still get too wordy!
2) saying "I'm fine" when I am really not fine
3) this annoys my hubby, when I pick out my flaws in a picture
4) this also annoys my hubby, when I like to open up all the blinds in the house and let a bunch of light in the house- he would live in a dark cave if possible-maybe he's a vampire?

That's all I can think of for's funny stuff to think about! :-)

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