Friday, July 31, 2009

Awkward, adj.

DEFINITION: Lacking ease or grace

Ah, if there was ever a more perfect word to describe me. I am awkward folks. I trip over things, I tumble down stairs, but worse, I'm awkward in conversation when I'm not comfortable, and oh the agony that has brought to my life!

Case in point; last weekend I was running some errands, and as I walked through Petsmart I turned a corner and found myself looking right at an old acquaintance. Even back when we traveled in the same circles we didn't know each other all that well, but we still have mutual friends and occasionally find ourselves in the same places. So we stopped and said hello and were immediately out of things to say. And that is where I lose it people. It was great to see him, but OH, it was painfully awkward. We ended up talking about the pee and poo on the floor where the dogs up for adoption had been running around. Good times, really.

I've lived in the metroplex for the majority of my life, so I run into this situation fairly frequently. It's that moment where if you had seen each other across the store, neither one of you would have sought the other out to say hello because you both know you really don't have any more than that to say, but there you are staring each other in the face, so let the pleasantries and small talk begin. Which I suppose is better than acting like you didn't see each other at all and hiding behind end caps until one of you safely exits the store. Of course I'd never do that though, ahem.

After cringing every time I replayed the scene in my head that day, I decided I need to make myself some kind of list that I can memorize and access in those situations. Surely preparation would make it better, right? But what on earth do I put on the list? Let's see...Line 1: Do not talk about pee and poo. I think I'm off to a good start.


  1. Oh friend- I've been there so many times! It's always awkward too- when this happens at the store and I bump in to someone I know while having a huge box of Kotex and/or TP easily visible in my cart, nice, right???

  2. This is the WORST!! I've definitely been known to hide. Or just wave and/or do the "how are you?" without actually stopping my forward motion past the person. And what about when you can't remember their name??? Awful!

  3. if it's any consolation, i think you come across much more graceful than you think. :)

    erica is right - when you can't remember names. that's the worst! especially if you have to introduce them to whoever you're with - ugh!