Sunday, August 2, 2009


So yesterday Scott's 6-year-old sister came and stayed with us. We picked her up, went to Target for some groceries (and brownie mix and fruit roll ups), and then headed home. We decided to watch the movie CARS and even though she was getting restless, we made it through. Then it was time to make the brownies and Gracie wanted to help. So I got the ingredients together and she mixed them up. Waiting for them to bake was a long time...for Gracie and Scott. They decided to play some Wii while they waited. Oh, and by this time, I'm pretty sure Gracie had already had more than 5 Fruit Roll Ups! The brownies finally finished, and I let them have a small piece because we were getting ready to leave for dinner. And here's the conversation that followed:

ME: Gracie, get your shoes on.
HER: I can't find them.
ME: Well where did you leave them?
HER: Right here on the floor.
ME: Scott, go check under our bed.

Well sure enough, there was one of her shoes...all chewed up. I'm pretty sure my sweet Beckham saw his chance, grabbed her shoe, and went to town on it under the bed, because that's where everything ends up in our house. Luckily Gracie had some other shoes with her and we left. We went to Incredible Pizza in Euless and it was quite an experience. The food wasn't that great and there was a massive amount of people was pretty overwhelming. We made it through eating and then left...Gracie wanted to play more Wii. On our way home we stopped and bought Gracie some new shoes...ones that she said, "Oh, my mom wouldn't let me get these." And Scott says, "well let's get em." Good big brother. We headed home, played some Wii, got ready for bed, and all five of us (me, Scott, Gracie, and our two Yorkies) slept in a queen size bed. Um, not comfortable at all! It's barely big enough for me and Scott let alone one other person. At some point Scott headed to the extra man...and at 6:45 am Gracie was awake. We let the dogs out to potty and then I put them in their crates. I told Gracie I was going back to bed and she watched cartoons in the living room until we woke up at 9:00. And I'm pretty sure she had another fruit roll up for breakfast...I could hear the crinkling of the paper. We had a fun time hanging out with her, though I'm sure Beckham and Maverick would say otherwise. : ) We love you Gracie!

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