Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Acquired Taste?

Does anyone actually like beer the first time they try it?  I always hear people saying, "It's an acquired taste."  But what's the point if you have to acquire a taste for it?!  I have never liked the taste of beer.... but that's just me.  But can anyone tell me why you would want to acquire a taste for it?  Just curious!  :)  I know many people have their reasons (my husband included), but we were discussing it today in the car... so I thought I would ask you.


  1. I didn't like American beer the first time I tried it...but I love the German stuff! Wheat beer is really good! But I don't like Pilsner (the one that tastes like beer....) But people say coffee is an acquired taste too..I guess that's one I never should have acquired. Too late...

  2. I think I actually tried to like beer because it was cheaper than a mixed drink. It eventually worked, but I'm still pretty picky about which beer I'll drink. I hated coffee and wine when I first tried them too, I guess I kept going to see what all the fuss was about. Some days coffee still makes me gag.