Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Random Blog of Mini Blogs

This may be my most scattered one yet...

"The Line" on Facebook - so do you ever have a comment or status that you would like to put on facebook but just can't bring yourself to do it?  Maybe because the "friends" who knew you in first grade wouldn't necessarily 'get' your sarcasm or humor... or because your mom or your husband's cousin's brother might see it?  Please tell me if you have never had this thought, because I'm betting we all have.  I say we just forget it all and post whatever we think... within reason.... see, back to "the line."  Oh well.

Cutest kid - Is there anyone out there who doesn't think their own child is the cutest kid in the universe?  Better yet, is there anyone out there who thinks they have an... UGLY kid???  You hear so many parents talking about their child being the most beautiful, etc., but have you ever heard anyone say their child is ugly?  Or that your child is cuter than their child?  Now I don't claim to have the most beautiful children in the world or anything, but they are pretty darn cute.  I just remember when Aidan (my first) was born and we thought he was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen.  And then we looked back at his newborn pictures a couple of years later.  At the time of his birth, we really did think he was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen.  But then when we looked back, he really did just look like one of those ugly, squishy newborns.  He is a very handsome boy now, but will we look back in a couple of years and go, "Eesh??  What were we thinking?"  I don't think so!  But I have a question for some of you older moms (including mine), and be honest!  Even through those awkward years, will I still think my children are so beautiful??!!

What's your number?  - So do you have a number in your head that you just can't stand if your e-mail account reaches?  Mine's 100.  Before children, I was a very organized person.  I still am quite organized, but there are certain things that have lesser priority than they once did.  So my e-mail account falls into this category.  I can barely keep up, and I don't even get that many e-mails.  I read them all... it just may take me a while to respond, especially if the response requires any thought and more than a sentence or two.  And if it's a really long forward or video... well, that may just never happen.  It's at 93 right now, and I really need to spend some time going through it.  It just really irks me when it hits that 100 mark.  Used to, it probably would have bugged me just as much when it hit 10.  Oh, and facebook really complicates things, because then I get a message in TWO places - my facebook inbox AND my e-mail.  And that I really can't keep up with.  So what's your number?  Or am I the only weird one with a number?  :)

Animal Print - What is your favorite?  Or do you like any of them?  I think my favorite is giraffe print, and then next in line would probably be zebra print.  However, you will probably never find anything considered decoration in my home to be of any animal print.  Some people, however, pull this off very well.  So are you an animal print person or not?  I found the cutest little giraffe print dress for Emerson on clearance at Kohl's the other day.  I've really been wanting one for myself, and Staci was so kind to call and tell me there is now one at Target.  I'll have to check that out.  And now I might not have to squeeze into Emerson's Size 4T dress next Spring.  Lucky me!


  1. Do you mean a line like: "Mama needs a drink?" Yeah, I've been there. ;-) -

  2. OH Amelia. You've just inspired my next blog post. My email stats are going to knock you over.

    I have a special hatred for "The Line". I just don't have much to say that I really want everyone I've ever known to read. So I usually leave it blank. You can almost guarantee that if you see a status update from me I've most likely had a drink or two. It's just too much pressure!

  3. Well Amelia, I KNOW I have the most beautiful kids in the world...surely I'm not biased! ;). And Mary, I got a good laugh out of your comment because once again "I'm a Mary!" I rarely have a status update on Facebook because I overanalyze my status. I start thinking about who could read it and do they really care what I'm doing? Love your blog girls!!!

  4. Amelia, I can honestly tell you (from an older Mom!!) even through the awkward years, you will always and forever think your kids are beautiful!!