Monday, August 31, 2009


So at about 3 months Reagan started sleeping through the night! I was so glad cause this girl was up sometimes every hour hungry!

So then at about 7 months she was able to roll over on to her belly in the crib. Now most people say their babies slept better on their bellies. This is not the case with Reagan.

For the last 2 months she has been waking up multiple times in the night. Once when she rolls over and other times cause she can't get comfortable with her head position.

I have tried to let her cry through it and sometimes she does. It is so hard to just let her cry. Other times she will cry for 30 minutes. So I go and get her (immediately stops crying when I pick her up) and rock her back to sleep. And then she usually wakes up for good about 8 or 8:30 am.

So last night I let her cry through it at 1:30am and then got up with her at 5:30. She went back to sleep and to my excitement slept til 9:30!!! She got 11 1/2 hours of sleep! And I got about 8!

My concern is more for her than it is for my own sleeping habits. I know she needs her rest so she can be healthy and develop properly! So tonight I am praying that she will sleep through the night!!

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  1. Adam and I had to do the "cry it out" with Ash the other night and it was terrible! I hated it!! He has cried less and less every night since then, though, and really seems to be sleeping better now that he is learning to soothe himself back to sleep when he wakes up. He's still not sleeping through the night, but I think we'll get there eventually!