Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ginger & Lily

Today's blog entry is about my sweet dogs!

Ginger is 8 years old and about 9 lbs. We got her when John and I were first married. She was our little baby for a long time. Two years ago one of the discs in her back slipped and she became paralyzed. We took her to the vet and their advice to us was to put her down. We were so distraught. We spent a lot of time in prayer. The next day my mom called an said she came across a website that talked about alternatives to putting the dog down. So we crated her for eight weeks (only left the crate to potty) and gave her steroids. And lo and behold she started walking again. She still doesn't walk perfectly an doesn't have complete feeling back there, but she is happy!

Lily is 3 years old and 17 lbs. In April 2008 a friend saw her at the animal shelter and then took me the next day to see her. She was so beautiful so I told John about her and we went and picked her up the next day. She was already fully house broken and crate trained. And the day after we got Lily we found out we were pregnant with Reagan!

It took a while for Ginger to warm up to Lily, but now they are inseparable. They absolutely love each other and even cuddle up next to each other to sleep at night.

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