Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joe T. Garcia's

So my all time favorite Mexican food restaurant is Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth. Last night I went with my husband Scott and my friend Jennifer, so I decided I just had to blog about Joe T's. IT IS AWESOME! If you have never been, shame on you. Just kidding (sort of). I have been to Joe T's on numerous occasions...birthdays, going-away dinner, fun outing with friends, and mine and Scott's rehearsal dinner. Joe T's is located pretty close to the Stockyards in Fort Worth, so it is a bit of a drive for us but very much worth it. If you have never been, you must go! MUST! And when you go, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. You can either dine inside or outside...depending on the weather and how long you want to wait can pretty much determine that for you. When the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside, you can plan on waiting a good hour or so just to eat outside...and you'll know that by the line that stretches down the street and occasionally around the corner. Your best bet is to go early if you want to eat outside. I highly recommend eating outside though because the set-up is so beautiful and the atmosphere is just fun. When it's cold out, most people tend to eat inside, however they do have chimeneas for outside if you dare to brave the cold.

2. During lunch they serve a full menu. Dinner is a different story. You have two choices: the fajita dinner or the family style dinner. You have your choice of chicken, beef, or combo fajitas served with rice and beans and guacamole...cheese and sour cream are extra. The family style dinner comes with two cheese enchiladas, two tacos, two nachos (we'll discuss the nachos in a minute), and rice and beans. I'm a fajita girl, so we have always gotten the beef fajitas, mainly because we think the chicken is dry. I honestly have never ordered the enchilada dinner...why get something different when the usual works so well, right? Some of my friends seem to like it though.

3. If you do not order the enchilada dinner, then you seriously need to order some nachos before your food comes out. It's a big tostada shell with yummy cheese and diced jalapenos...they are so good. And if you're not a jalapeno fan, just ask for no jalapenos...though they give the nachos a little something extra. If you don't want nachos, then you can definitely fill up on the chips and salsa.

4. Beverages: Let me just say that I highly recommend the margarita on the rocks.

5. Payment: Joe T's only takes cash or don't show up with a credit card or you'll be sent to the ATM, which will charge you a lovely fee I'm sure.

6. ENJOY! Oh, and just because they bring your food out at lightning speed does not mean that you have to eat and leave within 30 minutes. Take your time, enjoy your surroundings and the people you are with...and by all means, leave a good tip when you hog the table 3 hours. : )

If you've been to Joe T's, feel free to share your experience(s).

Cassandra O


  1. Oh how I love Joe T's. Now I am seriously craving a nacho and a pina colada!!!

  2. After reading that, I could eat it for breakfast right now! I grew up going to Joe T's, and I love it! I used to get the fajitas every single time until I dared to try the enchiladas. And then there was no going back. YUM! I don't think you can go wrong, though. Everything is great! When I ask Aidan what his favorite restaurant is, he says, "Joe Garcias!" Actually, as of last week he now says, "Joe Garcias AND Pei Wei!" He thinks the fire at Pei Wei is really cool.

  3. I love Joe T's too! Great food! I remember (WAY BACK WHEN) going to Joe T.Garcia's when you had to walk through the kitchen to be seated! I could eat a fajita right now!

  4. Oh Joe T's I miss you so! Actually I would take any good Mexican food right now!

  5. So many JTG memories. Once I sprayed beer all over Amelia's newborn son - that was special! And the last time I went there, I got to share with my BFFs that I was pregnant! Such a great place...