Friday, July 24, 2009

Keepin' it Real

I have a confession to make. I just might be obsessed with reality TV.

I was looking at my DVR play list last night and realized that I have a ridiculous backlog comprised mainly of reality shows. I like to think that of the reality TV programming that's out there, I at least pick the classier reality shows. Um, that makes it better, right? I mean, I'm not watching Daisy of Love or Dating in The Dark, so there's got to be some credit given there. Maybe not much though.

Let me just give you the list of reality shows currently on my DVR...Deadliest Catch, Top Chef Masters, Expedition Africa, The Little Couple, 18 Kids and Counting, Amazing Cakes, and I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Project Runway. See? Not so bad right? I can rationalize that each of those shows a slice of life that I will most likely never experience on my own. I'm intrigued by other people's lives and experiences that are foreign to me. These shows, while certainly edited, seem to give a pretty realistic snapshot of that.

But then there's the "guilty pleasure" column of my reality obsession that there's just no justifying. In it you will find the following...The Real Housewives of New York, New Jersey, and Orange County; Big Brother (I know - I'm cringing just typing it); and the one I just can't give up, no matter how often I swear I'm done with it, The Bachelorette.

So what about you? Spill your embarrassing DVR play list. We won't hold it against you - pinkie swear.


  1. Bachelorette (my hubby calls this "irritainment")
    Next food Network Star
    Design Star
    So you think you can Dance
    Real World
    16 and pregnant

    That's been my summer DVR changes in the fall...

  2. Its ok, in the summer that is all that is on! I am currently slightly obsessed with....

    So You Think You Can Dance
    16 and Pregnant
    Ace of Cakes
    and just because I now live with a boy... The TO Show :)

  3. funny mary! my confessions:

    The Bachelorette
    Chelsea Lately

    I can't help it!! (okay I can, but I don't want to)

    Oooh - I like Design Star too, Staci, but I haven't seen any of this season yet. And I didn't even know the Real World was still on!

  4. Surprisingly I don't have any shows to watch this summer! I have seen various episodes of The Little Couple, which is so cute, and I did watch several episodes of Whale Wars and Ice Road Truckers, but not enough to set my DVR to record. However, when fall hits it's a totally different story. All my shows are back, including:

    Brothers & Sisters
    One Tree Hill
    Gossip Girl
    The Hills
    Grey's Anatomy
    Private Practice

    I'm sure there are some more, but if I keep going then I'm really going to be pathetic!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with 16 and Pregnant - it is absolutely fascinating to me! Reality TV is generally not my thing, though - the only other ones I really watch are: 1)Sweet 16 (Adam can't figure out how I can stand watching those spoiled kids) and 2) the original reality show - COPS (love it!!!)! I did really get into Rock of Love one season (or 2), but I think I'm over that now...