Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Picking & Fresh Corn on the Cob

So this week we will all be blogging about fun things we like to do in the cities we live in. There are several fun things we do here in Illinois, but I will just blog about a couple of them.

For the first time this year I took Reagan strawberry picking. There are several places around here to pick. It was really fun, although Reagan was a little young to really have a good time. You just picked a row and grabbed a bucket and picked until you were done. We picked so many strawberries!! I froze half and with the other half made strawberry shortcake!

So Illinois is a huge producer of corn (this is an understatement). My subdivision is in the middle of cornfields. It is really neat to watch the corn grow (as high as an elephant's eye). And the best part is getting to buy corn from the local stand down the street. We got to eat our first corn of the season yesterday and it was so delicious!! On a side note, I owe my eating of corn on the cob to my fellow ADKOS blogger Amelia! I couldn't stand corn growing up an even into adulthood. Several years ago we had a supper club and Amelia brought corn on the cob one night and I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I ate it. And it my amazement it was fantastic! So thanks Amelia!!!

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  1. Did I know this about the corn thing???!! If I did, I have no recollection of that! But it is quite delicious, and I'm slightly jealous that you can drive down the road and buy it... or pick it. :)