Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite places...

There are a few places that I find myself visiting pretty often. One place is Coneheads Snocones...this is one of the BEST shaved ice places I have ever had in the DFW area. Luckily, it is in Irving just down the street from where we live. The ice they use there is so yummy and the flavors are super fun- Randy and get so excited when they open for the summer...we visit there at least once a week. My favorite flavor is sour grape- even writing about it is making me crave one.
Another place I love to visit in the city is the Euless Public Library. Every Tuesday, the library offers a story time for toddlers, which is really fun for Allie. The teacher who leads the class (Mrs. Letta) always has really engaging activities for the toddlers, and it gives me a chance to expose Allie to community activities. I look forward to taking Allie every week.

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