Friday, June 11, 2010

Biting the Bullet

I'm feeling apprehensive.  Very apprehensive.

Mark & I have been throwing the idea of joining a gym for awhile now.  Let me correct that statement - Mark has been throwing around the idea of joining a gym for awhile now.  I have been throwing around the idea of trying to lose weight by doing everything but joining a gym.  Yet somehow, we found ourselves in LA Fitness last Sunday...joining a gym.  We decided to stop in for a tour as we passed the club on our way home from dinner.  After checking everything out we got some info on their current rates, and of course they were having a "special that ends today".  I had done some research on gyms in our area and it was actually a decent rate.  No lengthy contracts, you can freeze for up to six months for free, and you can quit anytime for no extra fee (very important in my gym criteria).

I guess we timed this visit just right, because I was feeling just desperate enough about the tightness of my jeans to go for it.  I must tell you, I'm now mildly terrified.  Skinny people go to gyms.  I am not skinny people.  This is going to take some gumption.  Water aerobics at the local community pool with the 50+ crowd is one thing, but water aerobics at the gym with a big wall of windows looking in to all the people working out is entirely another.  But nothing motivates me more than the fact that I am shelling out some bucks whether I go or not.  So I figure I can work my way up to the water aerobics classes.  Spy on them first, lose a couple of pounds on the cardio machines, and then dive in.  (Get it? Dive in? Har, har)  

Wish me luck my friends.  I feel certain that hilarity will ensue.


  1. As a person who is addicted to her gym -- and at 150+ pounds I am very healthy, very muscular for a woman my age, and decently skinny, but not overly so. And of course, like everyone else out there, I just want to lose that extra 5-10 (or 15....but dare I say that out loud?!). But I'm there enough to be friends with some of the real exercise freaks. When they see a really overweight person in the gym, their conversations have always been, "GOOD for them! They are DOING something about it!" And I don't know you, but I can tell from your cute profile pic that you are NOT in this category...and people in this middle category (haven't exercised SO much, have a very normal body, maybe carrying around a few extra cheesburgers...)just tend to get ignored. So advice? Forget about everyone else. Go work out and enjoy the rush of endorphines that it gives to your body.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Aimee! We made it up there three times this week and I think I'm getting a little braver each time. :) And I can see that you're right - everyone is really just doing their own thing. (With the possible exception being the goofy guy with lots of hair gel making really loud noises lifting weights while very obviously scoping out all the cute girls. And I'm not so worried about that guy.) Next week I plan to conquer water aerobics!