Thursday, June 10, 2010

Anne of Green Gables

So, today for some reason I was thinking about the mini-series Anne of Green Gables...have you heard if it? It used to show on PBS channel 13 from time to time. It is basically about a young girl named Anne whose story set in colonial days that was adopted by a farmer's family, and the story evolves into a love story between Anne and Gilbert. It is just fabulous! The love story just keeps you in knots until the very end, really, which kind of reminds me of the twilight series...minus the vampires and wherewolves. There are actually 9 hours involved with the AOGG series- I actually have them all on VHS (yes, we still have a VHS player). So, if you haven't watched these in a while, now may be the time to dust off those VHS's and pop them in for an escape to Green Gables...enjoy!

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