Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Five and Dime

Does anyone remember going to a Five and Dime store?  I remember going with my mom and my aunt when we were little.  It was a pretty exciting event.  And now that I think about this, the dollar store is probably of equal excitement to my children.  And it really just makes me cringe.  So many opportunities for toys with lead paint or something that will surely lead to cancer if they lick it... I'm not paranoid.  Anyway, I was recently at the Dollar Tree for something and I noticed these frames.  They were document frames, which mean they hold an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper just right.  I had been looking at different frames to show off some artwork my children have done.  Emerson drew a picture of our family a couple of weeks ago, with the word "Family" on it and everything.  She learned that thanks to a song on Nick Jr.  (Sometimes it really is "like preschool on TV.")  :)  Anyway, I looked at a few options for frames, but they were going to be around $20 a piece.  And for three kids, a couple of pictures each, that would really add up quickly.  So when I noticed these frames at the Dollar Tree, I got excited.  I could envision a little gallery for my artists immediately.  So here it is...$6 later.  Oh, and a little paint that I already had, because they were bare wood.    The ones on the left are Aidan's - a bird in a cage and a catcher.  The ones in the middle are Emerson's - a picture of me and her and then the family picture.  Ivy's are on the right.  They may look unrecognizable, but she will tell you (with great conviction) what they are!

And if you're looking for a little something extra today, click here to see a few pictures and a video from a sweet family's photo shoot I got to do last weekend.  Cooper is a little miracle baby, and I'm just excited to share!

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