Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Rants and Raves

I have several things on my mind right now that I just need to share, so here we go:

RANT: Since when did it become acceptable to wear white to a wedding and NOT be the bride? I mean seriously folks! I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday afternoon and there was a young lady there wearing a white dress (with just a tad of another color on it as well) fact, there was at least one other person there wearing white as well...neither of them were the bride. I realize times have been changing but there are some things that need to remain the same, and this is one of them. It's like these people have never been told that it is just not acceptable to wear an almost all white outfit to a wedding. JUST DON'T DO IT!

RANT: I had lunch with a dear friend recently and she told me an interesting story. She said that she had received a baby shower invitation for someone she used to work with and inside the envelope was an insert that not only suggested she buy something for the mom-to-be to use during changing time but they actually included a list of items and HIGHLIGHTED what she needed to bring as a gift. SERIOUSLY!?!? Who does that? I definitely would not want to be told what item I needed to buy for a baby gift. I LOVE shopping for baby gifts and that would just take the fun out of it for me. Besides, it's just rude!

RANT: I hate video games! : )

RAVE: I love, love, love going to get my hair cut. Why? Because I love when they wash my hair and give me a scalp massage. I wish I could take the girl home with me and have her wash my hair everyday! It always feels so nice in fact that I'll sometimes pay a little extra to get conditioner too. Yes, I'm slightly crazy. And really, it's just the little things right now that make me happy.

RAVE: I also love to go get a pedicure. Usually I'm cheap and will get the basic pedi, but sometimes I'll splurge and get the delux. I love to just sit in the massaging chair and have someone make my feet look all pretty (it is sandal season now, so make sure your toes are presentable). I also love that they massage your legs. However, I don't think anyone will ever compare to this one guy I used to go see to get my pedicure. There was this little nail salon in Irving that Amelia, Mary and I went to when we lived in the area and there was this guy that worked there that seriously gave the best leg and foot massage EVER! I'm not kidding. My dear husband is great and all, but he can't last 5 minutes when it comes to giving a massage. I've thought about sending him to massage school or something because this girl LOVES her massages. SO that would be another Rave: Massages!

RAVE: My friends. Love, Love, LOVE my friends. They are the most amazing and beautiful ladies, and I am blessed to know them.

Do you have any rants or raves lately? Sometimes it's good to just let it out...

You want flower? (ah, ha ha ha...I love when they ask that at the nail salon)

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