Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby on the brain

So, I am about 3-4 weeks from welcoming our 2nd child, Chase William Hollar...can I just say I am so EXCITED to see my son's face for the first just makes me giddy!

With that in mind, I definitely have baby on the brain- trying to take these last few weeks to get ready for Chase's arrival...thought I'd share some of things I am doing to get ready.

First thing, I am trying to read up on labor, baby schedules, breastfeeding, what to expect those first few days home and even a book on the ministry of being a mother...this may sound silly since this is my 2nd time around having a newborn, but it is funny how much you forget-especially when you are sleep deprived in those first few weeks...

The books that have been the most helpful have been:
-Babywise (to get on a routine)- this book really helped me to get my daughter on a routine that really worked for us
-What to expect the first year (gives development timelines)- this book has been a helpful quick tip resource
-The Ministry of Motherhood (to fill my heart up and remind me of God's design for mothering)- this book has challenged me to see the great job I have beyond just caring for the physical needs of my children, but being sure to instill spiritual truths in my children and look for those teaching moments each day
-Happiest Baby on the Block- this book has just given me an overall perspective on children's sleep and how important it is to teach your children how to have healthy sleep habits
-Husband Coached Childbirth- the Bradley Method- I'm not sure how labor is going to work out this time (my first child was a 30 hour labor,and then a c-section after all of that work), but just in case, I want to be ready to practice the laboring skills I learned in my Bradley classes with my first child if things go a different way and I can actually deliver Chase by a natural birth- we shall see?

Another thing, I have been getting all my cloth diapers ready for 2 children to be using them. I use an All-in-one diaper called Bumgenius- they are fabulous! I have been using these on my daughter since she was 1 month old, and the velcro on them have taken a beating- so my mom and I worked one Saturday to remove and replace the velcro on the diapers- so they will be ready for another couple of years of use. I get a lot of crazy looks when people hear I am using cloth diapers, but they are easy to use and it saves us a ton of money and with us being a one income family- anything helps!

Clutter control- I have been trying to work on little pockets of clutter in different spots of the house. It seems like they are everywhere...but I have tried to pick one thing each day to organize.

Also, I am just trying to take in each moment with my sweet Allie- knowing that in just a few weeks it will never be just her. I am ecstatic about our son's arrival, but I also want to really take the time to cherish these last days of having just one child and the dynamic that brings to our family.

There are many other things I have been doing to "get ready", but these were on my brain tonight...if you have any ideas or tips to add- please, do tell...I love hearing what others are doing or have done...

Blessings- Staci

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