Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everyone was someone's baby...

My neighbor just a few houses down died in his home just a few weeks ago. His name was Wes, he was a pretty strange guy- he suffered from bi-polar disease and had many health problems which made our (Randy and I's) interactions with him kind of strange and confusing. Plus, he seemed to have some trouble with the police from time to time- and his his son was in and out of prison- and when his son was out of prison he was staying at Wes' fact, Randy had asked me not to answer the door if Wes knocked unless Randy was home.
So, when we heard Wes had died, I was thinking about his life and how strange things must have been for him and I was wondering what his life must have meant overall??
We'll that night, when I was rocking my child right before bedtime, I was looking at her face and praying for her little life and just thinking about all the possibilities God has for her- and then I immediately started thinking about Wes- and just thought, I bet his mother sat at night and rocked him and hoped and wondered the same things for her son when he was just a baby- or maybe she rubbed her belly as he kicked in her womb hoping the best things for his life. So, it took my thoughts to apply that principle to other people that may drive me crazy or I don't understand- that their mom thought enough of them to give birth to them and thought they were pretty special...and of course, God made him- and that means God loves them like crazy...anyways, I have thought about this several times over the last few weeks and it challenged me to see people(especially challenging people) with more compassionate eyes...

On a side note, each week I am going to be comparing a name brand item with a cheaper comparable brand from the ALDI stores and give a brief comparison of the, this week I tried the comparable brand to the rockin' Velveeta shells and cheese. It is called Cheese Club Shells and Cheese...we'll it was the same texture and look of the name brand, but the taste was very strange. It took several bites to figure out what it was that was so different and what I could come up with is that it tasted like a cheesy butternut squash was added to the mix(yucky), my overall assessment was that it was not good and I will be placing that on my my "do NOT buy again list" costs me an extra buck to get the Velveeta name brand, but it is well worth it!


  1. Thanks for that blog. I relate to it somewhat since I'm raising a child with a learning disability and as she gets older it seems we find more and more challenges that she faces. And here lately I find myself worrying more about her social life and if she'll ever be able to socialize like other kids her age. So not only was your neighbor someone's baby, but I'm sure his mama spent many a night rocking him and worrying about how his life would turn out and if she's doing a good enough job, and if others will ever see him like she does. So, thank you for writing this. It really touched me.

  2. Love that input, Myra. Staci - I'm pretty impressed that you even tried an Aldi brand of shells and cheese. Sounds disgusting! :)