Wednesday, April 7, 2010

But That's Not My Name

So I wrote a few weeks back about how my hunka hunka burnin' love and I first met and all.  As I promised in that blog, here is the story of our engagement.

I was living with DKS friends Mary and Cassandra at the time.  Chris had asked earlier that week or the week before if I wanted to go to the Bass Hall to see Saturday Night Fever with Drew and Denise that Friday night.  He said Denise had gotten a discount on the tickets through her work.  Apparently, that was just enough to make me not question a thing.  After asking Chris what Denise was going to be wearing that night, Mary and I went shopping and picked out an outfit.  She knew what was on the down low, and surprisingly, she kept it that way.  :)  I only say that because I can usually read her like a book.... a children's book.  So after work that day, I went home and started getting ready, all the while having no clue what was on the horizon.  Chris picks me up and tells me he has a gift for me, but that I couldn't open it there.  So we left and headed to the canal in Las Colinas.  It's a pretty little spot where we had hung out many times.  So when we get out of the car, he brought a gift bag with him.  What?!  I thought that was really random, because I'm pretty sure he had never wrapped a gift for me before that... or any time since, for that matter.  So my wheels are turning trying to figure out what in the world is in there.  I thought maybe it was a Bible Study to do together or something like that, because I think he had mentioned earlier that week that he was at Lifeway or somewhere like that.  We had come down to the canal several times to do our quiet times or Bible studies, so that's the only thing I could think of.  Well, we go sit on these steps, and he tells me I can open it.  It's a Bible.  A beautiful Bible with soft calfskin leather, and then I notice the name:  Amelia Joyce Dement.  And I immediately said, "But that's not my name!"  And of course, I look up and he's getting down on his knee with a little box in hand.  I was surprised and so very excited.  I had known for a while that he was "the one" for me, but I didn't want to have a clue about the day this would actually happen.  I didn't want to look at rings with him, and I would barely even tell him what shapes I liked.  I just wanted to be surprised, and I was!  I love my Bible, and it has such special meaning to me.  So then we headed back toward the parking lot, because I still think we're meeting up with Drew and Denise.  When we get up to where we can see the car, I notice that a big, black limousine is waiting for us.  Surprise again!  And inside is a big bunch of long-stem roses and a bottle of champagne.  Chris informs me that we aren't actually meeting Drew and Denise, but that we are going to eat at the Riata in Sundance Square and then going to the Bass Hall by ourselves.  We had a lovely dinner and a great time watching Saturday Night Fever.  I'm pretty sure I never stopped smiling.  After that, we went to my parents' house to have a toast with them.  My dad stayed up extra late for this, so you know it was a big deal!  Everything was absolutely perfect, and we were both on cloud nine that entire evening.  I am so proud of my husband for coming up with such a sweet and meaningful surprise.  Care to share your story?

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  1. Hilarious. "Dad had to stay up extra late for this". I remember hearing about that.