Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Left Lane for Passing Only

I've been on the road today, so the only thing fresh on my brain is WHY do people not move out of the fast lane when they're not going fast???  This has always bugged me a bit, but it has really bugged me since I married someone who thinks he needs to teach driving lessons to everyone in the good ol' USA.  Also, why do people talk on the phone when it causes them to lose complete control over their pressure on the gas pedal.  Seriously.  Some people speed up.  Some people slow waaaaay down.  Some people slow down until you decide to pass them.  Then they speed WAY up like they just realized they were about to get passed.  It's annoying.  Cruise control, people.  And there's my rant.  Sorry I don't have anything more interesting for you today!

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