Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grocery carts

I have always been a responsible shopper and returned my shopping cart back to the appropriate place- we'll that is until about 20 months ago. When I had Allie, I became one of those shoppers that leaves the basket next to my car...before you pass just became a safety/security dillema for me to leave my small child in the car by herself so I could walk across the parking lot to return my cart.
I was mentioning this to one of my fellow bloggers, Amelia, and she said that she always tries to park near a cart corral as to avoid this dillema- and I actually try to do this as well, but most of the time find this approach unsuccessful...apparently other people have thought of this great idea too. Of course, now that I am about to have another baby(Friday, May 21st to be exact)- I definitely won't be leaving my car to put my cart away...I do plan to one day return to my responsible shopping ways when my children are older, but until then it is just a moral dillema that has a shade of gray in it...

See you next week! Staci

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  1. Germany has a great way of solving this problem. Almost all of their carts can only be removed from the corral if you put a euro coin in them (worth about 1.30 USD). You get the euro back when you punch it back in the corral. So, you have major motivation to put it back if you're a penny pincher. And if not, there is always a little kid on the look out for carts he can put away so he gets a free euro to buy some candy with. So no guilt either way. Just a pain in the wallet if you decide not to go with the hassle.