Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST and American Idol

My random and fairly unsubstantial thoughts after a few days of processing LOST...

I didn't love the ending.  I mean, it was okay, but I wish they had done it differently.  I knew there were still way too many questions left for them to answer them in one last show, but I still held out hope.  At least it didn't end with one of them waking up from a dream or something.  At the very end, I said to Chris, "I guess it was all just about who hooked up with who."  And the relationships were a great part of the show, but why did so many of them have to die??  Well, I guess they were all really dead, so what does that matter anyhow?  I spent the last few seasons of the show pretty confused anyway.  If Chris weren't so hooked, I have to say, I probably would have given up a few seasons back.  But I'm glad to say we stuck with it.  There were some really great characters in that show.  It was a fun ride, and I'm sure we'll re-watch it all someday... except that now there's really nothing to try to figure out... but we still have no real answers...

Now on to American Idol - I enjoy this show.  I use my fast-forward butting a lot during it, but I still enjoy watching the highlights.  And I am pretty excited for the winner tonight!  Hooray for Lee DeWyze!  I really love both Lee and Crystal, and I'm sure they will both do well.  I just hope Crystal does well enough to get some good dental care going on in there.  Eek.  She has one amazing voice, though, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with.  Don't think I'm like totally AI crazy or anything.  I won't be going to see them live on tour, if that's what you're thinking!  Now on to my question for you.  Will American Idol survive without Simon?

And I leave you with this video of Lee singing "Hallelujah."  This was great, but I still think my absolute favorite Lee moment was when he sang "Hey Jude" and had the bagpipe player come in during the middle of the song.  Ellen's comment was something about how he did a great job, "even when that guy came in who got separate from his parade!"  That cracked me up.  And I love it when something just surprises me and makes me laugh that hard.  Anyway, now I'm posting both videos below.  Congrats to Lee!

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