Thursday, May 27, 2010

Props to my man...

So, this time last week I was checking in to the hospital to have a baby. It's hard to believe it has only been a week since then, it feels like it has been a lot longer than a good way, though.
So, Monday was our first day home as a family of 4. What a precious and surreal day to see my daughter and son's face at the same time-love it!
So, this week has been what you might expect with a new baby and a 2o month old- very busy with very little down time and no sleep...we'll in the midst of all the craziness I just have to stop and say what a rockstar my husband has been to me. Randy has just stepped in to pick up the slack where I am unable to do my normal stuff at home and with Allie. He has done so many things without me even having to ask- I have been in tears many times this week just feeling the blessing of his service to our family. That is pretty much all I have for now, I am functioning on about 4 hours of sleep from last night- so I better stop writing now before things stop making sense...see you next week!

Oh yeah, Chase William was born Friday, May 21st at 1:03 pm, he was 8lbs, 21 inches long...such a sweet boy- I am totally in love with him! He's a total snuggle bug!

Love- Staci

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