Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay, get your minds out of the gutter people; this post isn't about what you're thinking! :)

I just don't have a lot to say today, so this post will be shorter than usual.

Since baby Chase arrived on Friday (welcome, welcome!!!), ADKOS is officially pregnancy-free! Believe it or not, that hasn't been true since July of 2007. In fact, there were several months in 2008 when three of us were pregnant at the same time.

We have welcomed six precious "pumpkins" into our collective "pumpkin patch" (as Mary put it) in the last three years (in addition to the two pumpkins who were born before that!). And let's not forget the furbabies! There are nine of those, if I'm counting correctly, four of which are also new additions in the last three years.

So that brings the grand total to 17! Whoa! We're definitely outnumbered, ladies, but oh - what a joy it is!

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