Friday, May 7, 2010

Golf For A Great Cause

My co-worker and friend, Brandon, has put together a golf tournament to benefit a family facing unthinkable circumstances.  Brandon's cousin Jason and his fiancee had a beautiful baby boy, also named Jason, in March.  Just weeks after giving birth, Jason's fiancee passed away suddenly and unexpectedly as the result of a brain aneurysm.  At 17 weeks old, their precious boy was diagnosed with 2 brain tumors and 1 tumor on his spine/brain stem, and he is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  This is one of those things in life that is just nearly impossible to wrap your head around.  

Needless to say, Jason and Baby J could use your prayers and any help you could give.  Aside from the mental and emotional toll this must be taking, the medical bills are piling up on a single father who I imagine is just trying to get through each day right now.  Info for the golf tournament is below, but if you're not interested in golf and would like to help financially, you can go to the website Brandon has set up for the family, and click the "Donate" button.  Through that link, you can make a secure donation through Paypal using a credit card or your  paypal account.   Brandon is collecting the funds for the family and I can 100% vouch that every penny you give will end up in the right place.  You can also find updates on Baby J and other fundraising opportunities that I'm sure are on the horizon at the same site.  In the few years that I've known Brandon, he's been involved in more charitable work than I have in my entire life combined, so this little family has someone on their side who I know won't stop until every need is met.  I'd love for our readers to get to be a part of that puzzle!  

Beyond prayer and financial support, Brandon has also been looking for organizations that offer support to families who have children with cancer.  If you know of anything like this, please pass the info along!  I will make sure it gets to the right person.

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