Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End is Here

Well, the end of LOST that is. In about 20 minutes the series finale of LOST will begin. I'm super-excited! I've been watching this show since it first came on and it's weird to think that at 10:30 pm there will no longer be new episodes to look forward to next week and all my questions will be answered (hopefully). I'm ready to find out what the island is really all about. I'm ready to see what happens to everyone that is left and whom I've come to love. I'M READY people. Are there any other die hard LOST fans out there who can't wait for the finale either? We've got ten minutes people. 10 MINUTES! I need to go now and get ready...gotta get my food together and my place on the couch. I'll be posting my comments about the show tomorrow as a comment to this post...I'd love to hear from the rest of you and see what you thought about the finale.


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  1. It's almost midnight, and we just finished watching. Still processing, but off the bat, I'm not totally thrilled with the ending. About to watch the special on Jimmy Kimmel, and I'm curious to see what the 3 alternate endings were. More thoughts tomorrow...