Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Rants & Raves Continued

So I decided I would also add my rants and raves:

Rant: Of all the times I have been to Target(believe me there are many), there has never been one time where the checkout line has gone past the checkout stands. The manager is always paying attention and calls other employees to open up another check out lane. But this is not the case at Walmart (I go every week since we do not have a Super Target in Illinois). Every single time I have been to Walmart the lines are backed up way past the check out stand. They have at least 30 lanes but only 3 or 4 on each entrance are open. And then you see employees just standing around talking. This really, really irks me!!

Rant: Why don't companies who produce items for children ensure their product is safe and reliable. This week lots of childrens' medications were recalled and removed from the shelves and my daughter's crib (that she has been sleeping in for 16 months) has been recalled due to the fact that the mattress frame can bend or break causing the child to fall through and possibly suffocate. I mean come on people. This is our children we are talking about.

Rant: It is very hard to find good customer service these days. If one chooses to be employed in the service industry, they should serve. What happened to the customer is always right? I understand that sometimes there can be hard to deal with customers. But the customer service employees shouldn't be hard to deal with!!!!!!

Rave: I absolutely love Borders Books! Every Friday they have a childrens' story time. Someone reads 3 books, they get to do a craft and get a snack. And its all FREE!!!

Rave: is a great website! We got a really cute personalized lunch box for our little girl for school next year (pic below). They have lots of cute items that you can get personalized. I highly recommend it!!

Rave: I too have to rave about my ADKOS friends! Even though we are far apart and have busy lives, I always know I can count on each of you to stop and pray for whatever is going on in my life! I am truly blessed to have you in my life! I love you girls!!!

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