Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two things, random

1. Admitting my fears about upgrading my cell phone gave me the strength I needed to take the plunge. I am now the owner of a white and red Samsung Propel. So far, so good. I was more than a little concerned when on the first day I was out of commission for several hours due to a random error saying I could only make emergency calls, but that issue has not repeated since then. It's still nice to know my old phone is there if I need it! :)

2. On a more serious note: Cassandra has a co-worker who is friends with the Rainey family. Missy and Chad Rainey have a 7-month-old son named Walker. Last month, doctors discovered a rhabdoid tumor on baby Walker's kidney; the cancer has also spread to his lungs and a few lymph nodes. Rhabdoid is one of the most aggressive forms of infant cancer. As a new mom, I am finding it hard to imagine how difficult it must be to deal with this kind of news, and they have been very much on my mind. The Raineys have VERY strong faith in God and a strong network of support; they are very optimistic and committed to trusting in the Heavenly Father to perform miraculous healing in their child. Walker is scheduled to have scans tomorrow to determine how his chemotherapy is working. I just want to ask everyone to lift this family up in prayer! You can get more information on this cute little guy at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/walkerrainey. Let's remember to hug on our kids and our other loved ones. Life is a gift!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to pray for the Rainey family.

    And... with your new phone, you are so 2009. :)