Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rain drops on roses

And whiskers on kittens...These are a few of my favorite things:
If I ever need to catch up on the latest celeb news, I just go to Sometimes I need a little break from work, some mindless reading if you will, so I'll just head to the website and see what's been going on. For instance, today's headlines read:
  • 5 Things to Know About the Wonder Girls (um, who?!)
  • Grey's Anatomy New Mommies Return to Set (yeah for Meredith...I could care less about Izzy right now though)
  • Ivanka to Wed This Weekend - Trump Style (over the top, I'm sure)
Hey, at least I don't go buy the celeb magazines from the store. :)

New York & Company:
So, before I got pregnant I used to love to shop at NY&Co. They always had some really cute stuff and you could sign-up online to receive special offers, mainly a certain amount off if you spent so much. I had no trouble at all spending the minimum amount! Their clothes seemed to fit me just right and they always have some really cute accessories. I can't wait to shop there gold card is collecting dust in my wallet.

Go to This site has amazing deals on all kinds of makeup, starting at $1.00. From eyeliner to lip gloss to nail polish and makeup brushes, you can get some great stuff for only $1.00!!! Try it out...if you don't like it the best part is that you only spent $1, not $7 from the store. And if you get on their email list, you can find out when they have 99 cent shipping...score!

Shoe Carnival:
I love shoes, and I found a store where I love to shoe shop. Sadly, it's in Lubbock though. And the closest one to the DFW Metroplex is probably the store in Lufkin. So, any time I happen to be in Lubbock, I always go to Shoe Carnival. They always have pretty good prices. My favorite pair to date are my red/black snakeskin heels. Since I'm not in Lubbock very often, I'd have to say that I've found some cute shoes at Kohl's, Target, Payless, and Ross.

I love Snapfish because you can get 4x6 prints for as cheap as 9 cents a they have all kinds of fun gift ideas, greeting cards, etc. After I got married, I created 3 picture collages of our wedding through Snapfish. I was able to capture lots of fun memories into one big collage, for one frame. Which leads me to my next favorite thing...

You have to check out Before you do any online shopping, you need to go to fatwallet first to see if that store participates in the cash back program. For example, I know that Snapfish is on there, so I'll go to FatWallet's site, find Snapfish, click on the link from there (b/c that's the only way it'll work), and then make my purchase. You will get a certain percentage back depending on the store. So for Snapfish, you can get 10% back from your purchase total. There are tons of participating stores/sites. Check it out.

Okay, that's it for now. Almost time for Brothers & Sisters to come on! : ) Would love to hear if you try something out...or if you have something fun to share.



  1. is another site similar to Sometimes stores that aren't on one website may be on the other.

    Also go to which is a website that lists coupon codes for different websites as well. You can got to fatwallet or cashbaq, and when you check out you can plug in a coupon code from naughtycodes and save even more (maybe free shipping, maybe 20% off etc.)

    Combining offers makes shopping on-line so much fun.

  2. I like Snapfish too, but sometimes Winkflash has better deals. Just got an email this morning actually - Winkflash has 4 cent 4x6's for the first 100 prints you order right now. Good deal if you need pictures printed! The code is TREAT09 and it expires November 5th. Makes me think I need to print some pictures that have been hanging out on the hard drive for too long.