Thursday, October 22, 2009

So, the rabbit died...

You know that phrase "The rabbit died" was used back in the olden (sp?) days to indicate a woman was, I "googled" about the phrase and found out exactly what this means...

Around 1927 it was discovered that if you injected the urine of a pregnant woman into a rabbit, there would be corpora hemorrhagica in the ovaries of the rabbit. These bulging masses on the ovaries could not be seen with out killing the rabbit to inspect the ovaries, so invariably, every rabbit died, even if the woman wasn't pregnant. The phrase, "The rabbit died," came to be a euphemism for a positive pregnancy test after the late 1920 and early 1930s.

It is sad to think about how many rabbits had to die to tell women they were pregnant in a timely manner...thankful for modern medicine and the ability to just take a pregnancy test at home without any harm to an animal...all that said... I guess the "hypothetical" rabbit recently died at the Hollar house...because we are going to have another baby...after 4 positive pregnancy tests, we finally were convinced that we were being blessed with a new addition to our family.

I did go in to see my Ob when I was 5 weeks pregnant, and they did an sonogram- and discovered that I wasn't far enough along to actually see a heartbeat, there was a visible gestation sac and yolk sac, but no heartbeat. I was disappointed by what I saw, but the Dr assured me that at 5 weeks you shouldn't see a heart beat, and to come in the next week and we should see one. So, I waited for what seemed like the longest week ever until I was at 6 weeks, and the Dr did another sonogram and immediately we saw that little heartbeat flashing on the was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I was just reminded of God's miraculous handiwork by going through those few days of unknown- how in one week...God allowed the cells in my body to bring together a heart that beats...I am fearfully and wonderfully made took on a new depth in that moment...for me and for our little nugget.

On another note, 10 years ago I was in a really tragic accident- that sent me 70 feet through a windshield and it left me really beaten up (broken spine in 2 places, broken collar bone and broken arm, collapsed lung, 2 Pulmonary Embolisms, tilted pelvis and internal bleeding) and I was in ICU for a few weeks. By God's grace and healing, I have been able to make a full recovery, aside from arthritis that flares up in my spine/neck from time to time...all that said, one of the unknown factors from this accident was if I would ever be able to carry a child b/c of all the trauma my body had gone just the idea that God has given me not one, but two opportunities to have children is beyond me...such a precious gift!

So, we are so excited and gearing ourselves up for having 2 babies under the age of 2...sounds intense, huh, but I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle(Romans 8:28) and He equips the called, due date is May 29th (which interestingly enough, is my nephew, Miles 1st birthday). So, there will be a lot of celebrating going on around then.

Here is one of the latest pics of our baby Hollar 8 1/2 weeks old!
Oh yeah, and I'd always heard your show/grow faster with the 2nd one and for me it's true...I've already gained 5 pound and my skinny jeans are officially tight again(boo!)...I didn't really start showing with Allie until about 5 months...but looks like I am already starting to pooch out there...could just be flab, but I'm saying it's baby... Ciao for now! Stace


  1. Yeah!! I am so excited for your family!! It is true about showing earlier on your second pregnancy. I am only 3.5 months and I am already in Maternity pants. But the crazy thing is I have not gained any weight yet. Redistributing, I suppose!! :)

    *Ellen Sharp

  2. Love this post, Staci. What an amazing miracle! And really weird/sad/interesting about the rabbit thing!! I don't think I've ever heard that saying.

  3. Congrats Stace, we are so excited for you! If baby #2 is anything as special as Allie then you have a great kid in the making.

    I love reading y'alls blogs, (even though I don't know half of y'all) but its fun to learn about other people, and I love the shopping tips and recipes that were recently posted.