Thursday, October 15, 2009

The dollar store

So, now that I am a stay at home mommy- that means we are a one-income family...which I have been given the great challenge to try to find bargains and better deals to improve our bottom line each month. I have recently discovered the dollar store-I mean I've always known it was there, but never really considered it a shop stop for me. So, I have tried several thing from the dollar store to see if its quality is comparable to items I buy at other stores for a higher price. These are my findings thus far...

Pack of 12 razors- saved 2.50, but the razors were not great quality and I could really only use each razor once, then have to throw it away from the rusting on the blades.

Dish soap-saved .99, and found the exact same soap I use already, just cheaper-Yeah!

Dish scrub brush- saved $2.00, and it has been a great dish brush and has lasted for a long time-and we are still using it.

Tissue paper(for gifts)- saved $2.00, great purchase

Shredded colored paper- saved $1.00, great for goodie bags for Allie's birthday party

12 Silly straws- saved $3.00, great purchase saw the same straws at Walmart for $4.00

Pregnancy test- saved $8.00, and yes, they really work

Toilet cleaner- saved $2.00, it's okay quality-seems a little watery...seem to do the trick, though...

Bathroom trashcan- saved $4.00, for the exact same trash can at Target it was $4.99...great buy for sure!

Hawaiian tropic SPF 30 spray sunscreen- saved $21.00 b/c I bought 3 cans, for this exact same sunscreen at Kroger it cost $8.00 a can...and the sunscreen worked great on our trip in Hawaii.

This is what I have found so, I will say it is interesting at times to see the people that come in to the store...great people watching for sure(of course, someone could be saying the same thing about me)...I'll keep you posted on any other things I come across that are worth the stop into the dollar store.

Happy shopping! ~Stace

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