Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shoulder pads?

I was watching the Today show this week, and they had a fashion expert talking about how shoulder pads are back on style this fall...I had to rewind that part of the show to make sure I heard that right...who invented the idea of giving women bulkier shoulders, really? It make me thing of the punky brewster episode where she got a jacket with HUGE shoulder pads...goodness!
This also makes me think about how I saw a guy the other day wearing Zack Morris type hytops with tight rolled jeans...I was like, what?? Really? Is this back? and better question- WHY?? I did tight roll back in 8th grade- and was proud to do it- but some things belong in the past-so that you can laugh about it and say, Yeah, that is so funny I used to do that- not hey, can you help me remember how to tight roll my pants?? thing you know we are going to see woodpecker bangs, t-shirt clips and Cole-hanns...

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