Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So, I know I'm preaching to the choir with all you D/FW-ites, but traffic in Austin is fairly horrible. In fact, it's downright ridiculous. We live approximately 10 miles from downtown, where I work, and it routinely takes me 45 minutes to get there. 45 MINUTES?!?!?!? TO GO 10 MILES?!?!?!? When we first moved to Austin, we lived about 2 miles from downtown, so my drive to work was super-easy and fast. Then we moved into our house two years ago; it was the middle of the summer at the time, so there was no school traffic. I could get to work in 15-20 minutes. Boy was I surprised when school started up again! The extra vehicular congestion tripled my commute.

I've always been fairly agitation-prone when it comes to bad drivers, etc., but I pretty much reached road-rage level there for a while. No joke. I would get soooooo worked up, to a level that was very out of character for me. I actually asked my church family to pray for me about it, because I knew my attitude and anger was not godly. With all that prayer and a little bit of "just get over it"-ness, I'm happy to say I'm in a different mental place now. In fact, most mornings I spend that ridiculously long commute in prayer; being in that frame of mind helps keep me from thinking horrible, evil thoughts about the inconsiderate, clueless drivers around me :)

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