Monday, October 19, 2009

Team Impact

So this past week Team Impact came to our church for a 5 night event!

If you don't know what Team Impact is, then let me just tell you. They are a group of amazing men of God who can do amazing feats of strength. Here is their website for more info:

During the day they go to various schools and do their feats and then tell the kids to not do drugs or to stay pure and then they invite the kids and their families to the church that night. Then at night they do more feats and then share their testimonies and the Gospel. It really is incredible! Over the 5 nights we had around 3457 people and 180 salvations. Praise the Lord!

And let me just tell you these guys are the real deal! They aren't hyped up on performance enhancing drugs and they truly love the Lord! John, Reagan and I really got to hang out with them while they were here. Here is a pic of Jeff Neal "Man of Steal" holding Reagan. Reagan would squeal with joy whenever she would see them!

If you have never experienced a Team Impact event I encourage you to ask your church to host these guys!!

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