Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mobile technology

I have had the same cell phone for about 4 years. I love it. It's a Nokia 6010 and it's pretty much the most basic phone out there. It's literally impossible to get a cell phone this basic anymore (I know, I've looked). It doesn't take pictures or play music; you can't check your e-mail or watch movies. You can make phone calls and text. You can play a few games. I mean, sure, it has a few extras like a calendar, alarm clock, to-do list, calculator. Truly helpful, low-tech things. I think there's other stuff you can do if you pay for it, like IM, but I wouldn't know about that stuff. I don't really want to know - my phone's simplicity is its most redeeming quality. Plus it's pretty much indestructible. I'm not as hard on cell phones as some people (ahem, Adam Sweeney who drops and/or washes his phone like once a week), but considering it gets smashed at the bottom of a purse pretty much constantly, it has held up like a champ (sidenote: Adam got this same phone a while back and has yet to successfully destroy it - to me, this means the phone is officially un-destroyable).

Sadly, time is starting to take its toll on my beloved phone. The plug for the handsfree thing no longer works (no bluetooth capabilities here), and even the plug for the charger is spotty at times. So today I faced the inevitable - I broke down and checked into getting a new phone. People get new phones all the time, I know, but I almost felt like I was betraying my Nokia! What if I get a new phone and I hate it?!?!? What if I regret this decision forever??!?!? Aaaahhhh, CHANGE!!!! BEWARE! Ok, so I'm exaggerating a little bit, but the truth is...after browsing the website for quite a while, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I couldn't buy a new phone. Not yet. I need more time. More time with my wonderful old phone. And then I'll get over it and move on :)

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