Monday, October 5, 2009

Loving Texas but missing Illinois

So I have been in Texas 6 days now and have 2 more to go. So far I have eaten at:

Chick Fil A
Mi Chulas
Cantina Laredo
Corner Bakery

And I plan on eating at Rosa's and La Madelines and possibly On The Border.

I have hung out with my fam and inlaws, done some shopping, seen friends, and seen my old coworkers. It has been so good to be back in Texas! I have missed the mexican food terribly. And let me just tell you that Cantina Laredo was so good! I enjoyed every bite!

Today, my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary! Go mom and dad! So they went to dinner and Reagan and I went and had dinner with my in-laws and John's grandfather, who is turning 100 in December. And he doesn't look a day over 70! Just amazing!

But even though I am having so much fun here, I am missing Illinois. Mostly I am missing my husband!! I don't like to be away from him this long!!! I miss my puppies too and my church family up there!

But it has been so good to see my family and friends! I have missed them!

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