Friday, October 23, 2009

If I had a hammer

(Did anyone catch that song reference? My mom would be so proud that all the records she played in my childhood didn't slip past me.)

I am involuntarily the chairperson of our Charitable Events Committee at work. This is a committee I would love to be on as a volunteer, but being in charge of it is a whole different story, and a vastly different time commitment. But chairing it is part of my job description, so I don't have the sideline option.

Each year the committee selects a charitable organization to support, and this year we were nudged in the direction of Habitat for Humanity by one of our owners. Habitat is a great organization that provides a great service. They make owning a home possible for someone who normally could not achieve that dream on their own. And the way it's set up is pretty cool, because you're not just giving your money and walking away wondering if it actually did any good. You put blood, sweat, and (in my case) tears into someone's future, and you see an end result.

I believe Habitat is a worthy organization, HOWEVER, I am not much of a builder. I am, in fact, a dainty flower who has no business on a construction site under any circumstance. Since I chair the committee, I didn't really have the option to just give money and pass on our construction day. And what were we doing on our construction day you ask? Why, that would be roofing and soffits. Not painting, or landscaping, or any other earthbound task. Nope. There was one (ONE!) task that day that did not involve a ladder. I don't do ladders people. I barely do walking without tripping.

Let me just show you how that day went for me:

Do you notice a recurring theme? See that sweet look on my face in all but that last shot? Don't I look serene? Can't you see how I'm thinking about all the good I'm doing for someone less fortunate? So very zen. Ahem.

Let's just say I won't be building more houses any time soon. It's a pretty cool experience, but it's definitely not one that was made for me. At one point I found the most stationary task available and stood on a ladder pounding in a nail by hand every three inches. While hammering the very last nail - there were literally hundreds, I did this for four straight hours - I smashed my thumb and immediately burst into tears in front of a poor unsuspecting co-worker. He now probably thinks I'm mentally unstable.

It was a rough day for this pansy. But if you're of a sturdier persuasion, I highly recommend giving some time to Habitat for Humanity, I think you'll be glad you did.

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