Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Whole New World

Ladies and Gentlemen, a modern miracle took place in my very own home today.

I finally got an iPhone.  And OH MY GOSH I can't believe I ever thought I was just fine with my 3 year old, piece-of-junk, antiquated, Samsung slide phone.  I was being a reasonable adult, saying I didn't need a fancy phone, that I'd eventually get one, that we didn't need to spend the money, blah, blah, grown up excuses, blah, blah, etc.  At some point my husband realized that I was never going to just say to heck with it and spend the money, so tonight he surprised me with a fancy new phone.  And despite all of my protests, it took me all of 45 seconds to get good with it, and less than 30 minutes to go buy a pretty purple case and add a matching wallpaper.  Two hours later, I have access to all three email accounts (personal, junk mail, and work), I've set all of my different alarms for their respective days of the week, my favorite wordgame app is downloaded, another app that will tell me what any song is in 30 seconds, a barcode scanner app that will price check any item at any store, and most importantly, Pandora.  I sit here in a state of euphoria my friends.  Words, music, and shopping, oh my!  How did I spend the last three years denying that I even wanted this?  Crazy talk.  Clearly.

The icing on this delicious cake is definitely the Pandora access.  As I type this post I'm listening to the Ray Lamontagne station and I've already heard Van Morrison, Ben Harper, and at this particular moment, Adele.  How did I ever live without this???  For someone who loves music as much as I do, 24/7 access to Pandora (and thus music that I'm almost guaranteed to love) is worth every penny of what this phone cost us.  Granted, I can listen to Pandora on the computer - but A) not in my car, and B) not at work (streaming music is outlawed - boo IT guy, boooo) - until now.  It's a whole new world people!

To commemorate this new chapter in my life, I will share a photo.  A photo of me with no makeup and some really lovely pre-bedtime hair.  I'm that excited.  Friends, meet my precious:


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  1. So happy for you Mary Mary!!! and a little jealous! I still have the free Samsung... Love you!