Sunday, October 24, 2010


My meal planning pretty much consists of a few staples. Why? Because they are so quick and easy to make. That and the thought of trying something new is always good in theory, but I never seem to get past the "oh, this looks like a good recipe. I'm going to print it off and try it soon." So what's on my list? Well, you can pretty much guarantee that one night we will have hot dogs, another night will be baked chicken, then Mexican casserole or tacos, throw in either spaghetti or ravioli another night, and probably sandwiches or cereal another night (usually on Wednesday nights when I get home late from church). Every now and then I will make something different...not necessarily something new...but something I haven't made in a while. AND, once in a blue moon I'll have my husband cookout on the grill. I ALWAYS make a list before I go to the store. I usually look through my fridge, the freezer, and the pantry and plan out my meals based on what we already have. A lot of times I buy things in bulk from Costco...such as hot dog buns, ravioli, chicken, spaghetti sauce. I try my best to stick to the list, but I usually end up buying stuff I really didn't need. Like those Oreos! Or M&Ms. So, my meal planning isn't very's pretty much the same things week after week. And if/when my hubby complains, I tell him, "next time you can cook." HA!


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