Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harvest time!!

Yes, Harvest time...that is how halloween was explained to me growing up. We didn't celebrate fact, my parents would turn out all the lights and we would all go to the back part of the house and watch a movie as a family to avoid trick or treaters. So, I don't have any fun costume pics. Even to this day, I struggle with the relevance of celebrating halloween (other thank just an excuse to dress up in a silly costume), but I do enjoy going to the Trunkfest at our church-it seems like a fun way to celebrate fall.

There is a halloween memory worth mentioning though, that is a the halloween costume party that Randy and I went to for our 2nd date(in Octobwer 2002)...the party was with my college friends- so Randy had some pressure to impress, I guess...and he could have been mild with his costume as to not appear too dorky, however, he totally dressed up and I LOVED him for it! We dressed up as a 70's basketball couple (he was a player and I was a cheerleader)...he wore this HUGE afro wig and a basketball uniform- I was so impressed that he went all out- I think that may have been one of the first moments I fell in love with him.

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