Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yellow Submarine

For some reason I named my first car 'the yellow submarine' even though it was a tiny little car. Anyways, my first car was a Plymouth Horizon (see picture to the left, though invision it being yellow). I don't even know what year but I'm thinking sometime in the 80's.

The only reason I got a car when I did was because my grandad wanted to give me his old car...and it was OLD! But it was a car! It also had a manual transmission and every car I've had since then has had a manual transmission.

I remember me and my dad driving back from Lubbock in the car. I was so excited. Once we got home I wanted to go drive around, so I headed out and while I was sitting at a light my car died. It overheated or something (must have been that 5 hour drive from Lubbock), but it took me FOREVER to get it started again. I was so embarassed just sitting there trying to get my car to start. I also did my best to avoid hills. There is this HUGE hill in Arlington, where I grew up, and I hated waiting at that light, especially if a car pulled up behind me. You basically had to gun it and hope you didn't die and start rolling back.

My car had its share of issues: one of the side mirrors fell off and eventually so did the rearview mirror, and more often than not you had to open the passenger door, lean over, and try to get the driver's side door to open because the outside handle was broken...but then you also had to wiggle the inside handle for it to open. That was always fun! It was a good little car though.

I tried to find a picture of my car and this is the only one I could'd be the little yellow one on the left. And those two adorable kids...well that's me and my husband back in high school (me in my color guard uniform and Scott in his band uniform).

Fun memories.

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  1. That's a beautiful ride, Cass!! And I always LOVE seeing old pics of you and Scott. So fun!