Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any Excuse to Dress Up

I love dressing up. Still. Why should you only be able to dress up once a year?! While I'm not too hot on celebrating Halloween, I love coming up with costume ideas (mainly for my children now) and then executing them. This year, my girls are hitting the princess stage, and I cannot say that I'm thrilled about it. Sure, they'll look cute in their princess garb... just like every other princess out there prancing around the streets. Oh well. I'm being a good mom by letting them choose for themselves, right? So here are a couple of my old costume pics that I had handy. One is from high school, and I remember having so much fun at that party. I was Marilyn Monroe with the big hair and formal gown... laying across people's laps on the couch. (Mary didn't have her Ace of Spades costume on in the picture, but see if you can find her.)

And here's a post-College days Halloween picture. I'm the nerd on the left. I was actually with a whole group of nerds... too bad I don't have a handy picture of the entire nerd group. My favorite part was my retainer, but you can't really see it in this picture. I even dressed up in my nerd gear at my "real" job that year (or maybe the year before) with my co-worker. I guess it was quite appropriate for us bankers. Another year, we dressed up as an 80's prom king and queen. We were the only ones on the "lending floor" that dressed up, but we didn't care! (Notice Cassandra in the picture below?)

I don't have a lot of dress up memories from childhood. I'm pretty sure we weren't allowed to trick or treat... minus that one year that we had Mary and Joseph costumes for something from school/church, so I think they let us go out in those for a bit. Is that right, mom?

Will you be dressing up this year?

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