Friday, October 1, 2010


When I was 16 my parents bought me a brand new midnight blue 4 door Saturn. I actually drove it right off the lot and headed straight to Wednesday night church to show it off to my friends. I do remember it was really important to me that it was a stick shift, because a boy had once told me he didn't think I was smart enough to drive a stick shift- so I wanted to prove him wrong!! Ha, and I did!
The name "Dorcas" came from the cars ability to be revived (in the Bible there is a story about a girl named Dorcas who was raised from the dead). You may be asking why did my car need to be revived, it was brand new?? We'll....2 weeks after my parents gave me the car, I got in an accident, and then a few months later another accident...and then before the year was over one more accident...if you addition is up to par- that would 3 accidents in less than a year...a few years later I was hit a few different times(those were not my fault)'s ridiculous, I know! My sweet Dorcas kept going and going- it was amazing!

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