Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's Up, Big Perm?

Ten points to whoever knows what movie that title came from. :)

I can't believe I used to like my hair PERMED. I'm going with Beth on the whole 80's thing. Although, a lot of that is coming back already. Crazy! The tight rolled jeans were possibly the worst thing. Possibly. I would probably do the perm all over again, but maybe not the stacked, feathered, cement-sprayed bangs. Ick.

I kept trying to brainstorm on this today... all the things that came to mind were things I couldn't say I used to like, because I still kinda do.... or at least I totally get why I ever did like them. These things included: wearing green mascara (it brought out the color in my eyes, right?!), watching Blind Date, overalls, dressing up in random costumes and doing corny things... the list could go on and on, and I'm probably just a fad or a random urge away from doing any one of those again. Watch out!

One thought to leave you with. I also can't believe that I used to like thong underwear.



  1. I'll take Friday for 10 please. I have to fight the urge to say that at work at least once a month. I have no idea why, it just randomly pops into my head and begs to be let out of my mouth. :) Usually my better judgment wins the argument before I speak. Also, why the thong hate woman???

  2. I can totally understand the whole thong underwear thing! Used to wear em all the time and now I'd just rather wear my granny panties.