Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vacation is my love language!!!

I LOVE to travel...over the years I have been able to visit some fun places- so it's hard to say what my favorite vacation is???? So, I may have to include a couple of trips...
I guess my most memorable vacation is when I backpacked in Europe for 7 weeks- I was able to visit several countries...France, England, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy. I felt like it was the experience of a lifetime just seeing so many different ways of life and meeting to many different people from around the world during my travel. Each country had such a rich history and culture...even just thinking about my experiences makes me want to go back. I did go on this trip by myself and just made friends along the way at the different hostels I stayed at...some of the highlights were- seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, kissing the Barney Stone, Hangliding in the Swiss Alps, Hiking in the Alps, touring the southern part of Ireland-amazing, touring the Colleseum in Rome, all the amazing museums- it was priceless to see so many works of art that I had seen in books right before my eyes...I could go on and was an amazing vacation with lots of big moments and little moments that warm my heart to think about.

Another favorite vacation has been going to Kauai and Maui with my hubby. We have been twice and both times have been an absolute Kauai we did so many amazing things- hikes, ATV tour, helicopter ride, a luau, Na Pali coastline tours, and just spending time on the was such a lush and majestic place...
Maui was such an amazing place beautiful! The Road to Hana was probably my favorite thing to do there- we just loved the drive there- such beauty! Plus, we were able to pull over on our drive there to take different trails leading to waterfalls. We also we able to see the 7 pools- which was priceless...we ate at Mama's Fish House- which was FABULOUS- it was such a treat to eat there...I could go on and on about our time there- it is definitely a place that is worth going to!

I can't finish this blog without mentioning my trip to New York with my hubby...we LOVED our trip there. There was so much to do- and we had so much fun exploring the city... there are so many things we enjoyed there...Greenwich Village, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, going to Brooklyn and attending a service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, eating at Grimaldi's pizza, shopping, ice skating in Central Park- overall the amazing feel of the city just created such a fun trip for us.

Really, I could go on and on about vacations because I LOVE to travel- to just get away and experience something new...

The pictures above are of NYC, Kauai, NYC, Kauai

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