Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Boring Testimony

Let me just start out by saying that I totally understand what people mean when they refer to their testimony as "boring," however, I completely disagree! There is absolutely nothing boring about the fact that Jesus Christ died for me and the fact that I get to experience complete freedom in Him.

My story, quite like my other gals pals, started with my Bible-believin', church-goin' family. My parents were very involved in the church, and it was very clear to me from an early age that they loved the Lord and that their relationship with Jesus was of high importance. I accepted Christ's gift of salvation at an early age and was baptized shortly thereafter. While attending a camp during junior high, the camp speaker was going on and on one night about how to know if you're really saved. He had a serious list, and a couple of things included knowing the exact date and place where this took place. Well, I have very little memory from anything before 6th grade, so there's no way I could tell you that information. But, I felt so convinced by this speaker that I had to know those things that I accepted Christ again. Did I need to do this? Nah, but I understand what the speaker was trying to stress in that you do need to know for sure that you have made this decision. It's not as simple as saying, "Yeah, I'm a Christian." when you're asked. I had made that decision, and then I (whether necessary or not) definitely reaffirmed it. I had a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Lord has given me an incredible faith. Faith that is really hard to shake, and I am so thankful for that. I am definitely nowhere near perfect, but thankfully, the Lord has never allowed me to veer too far from His path. He has, however, taught me many lessons along my journey. Even though some of those were quite tough to learn, as the others have said, that's what makes me the woman I am today. I love that He is shaping me, molding me to be more like Him (hopefully He'll work on my thighs, because surely His aren't like this!) There is so much He is even teaching me now, and I love that I will always have new things to learn in my walk with Him. I have a very long way to go, but then God's redeeming love wouldn't be so great if we could be a "know-it-all" at the snap of a finger. Do you have a relationship with Him? If you do, is it growing? We all get "stuck" every now and then. If you need a hand, reach out, and any one of us would be glad to help you! The gift that we have been blessed with is too amazing and wonderful not to share it.


  1. We are SO SO SO blessed to have the parents we do. As we are getting old enough to have children of our own, it really sticks in my mind what an awesome responsibility that is. My relationship with Christ also grew as a direct result of watching my parents spiritual relationships. We are so lucky to have been able to grow up with the spiritual guidance that we had...let's pass it on as best as we can. Though if I can do a job as fourth as well as my parents did, then I'll count myself as pretty darn good....

  2. Thank you for being such a big part of who I am and for sharing some of the best memories of my life!! I learned a lot of lessons the hard way by means of my bad choices, but A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.(Proverbs 18:24) Thank you for being that friend. Love you!