Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to do a lot of traveling in my life thus far. I've been to Europe (4 times), Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Tibet, Nepal, and various places in the good ole U.S. of A. Scuba diving, sight-seeing, trekking...so many fun things! And there are so many more places I hope to see! I've never really taken a trip I didn't enjoy, and I peruse my photos and journals often, remembering the little stories and funny things that happened.
Out of all the awesome trips, though, my all-time favorite destination so far has been Kauai. I have a hard time writing this (remember my earlier post about how difficult it is for me to decide on favorites?) because, like I said, I've been to some really incredible places, but the trip to Kauai with Adam was different and neat in so many ways. First, we found this outstanding cottage to stay in (click the link and definitely give this place some serious consideration if you're ever planning a trip to Kauai!) - staying there almost made it feel like we lived on the island, not just visiting. Second, we planned only a few scheduled activities (zipline, massages on the beach, the requisite luau), but really left most days completely open and relaxed. Usually our trips are scheduled down to the minute! Third, the weather was awesome and the island is so incredibly beautiful! We did some amazing hikes, snorkeled in the crystal-clear ocean, and relaxed on pristine beaches. We saw rainbows every day! We also bought fresh fruit at a local farmer's market - I still can't eat a mango without being transported right back to the Aloha state.
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that there were a few low points. I got SO INCREDIBLY CARSICK driving up to the Waimea Canyon lookout and on to the Alakai Swamp. Getting back down was just as bad, if not worse. It took several hours for me to recover. Yuck. Also, Adam got really sick with some kind of viral throat infection a few days into the trip and we had to make an appointment with a doctor. So, Adam might not call this his favorite trip of all time (I'm pretty sure Disney World would walk away with that title), but we both agree it was a blissfully magical trip. We can't wait to go back, maybe with our little guy in tow!!

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