Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clinically Proven

Ah stretch marks...gotta love em, right? My body went through the rigors of pregnancy and now my tummy is adorned with lovely stretch marks. At my six week appointment after having my baby I asked the doctor if there was anything I could use to get rid of them and she said no. Well this was the doctor I do not like, so I didn't take what she said very seriously. Fast forward a few months and I finally decided to do something about my stretch marks. I am using Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. Now on the box it says "clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks" and "noticeable improvement in 4 weeks." Well we're going to see about that. I debated on whether or not to try it out because it is pricey ($39.99 for a 5.29 oz bottle), but I found a coupon online that I could use and took the plunge. I've been using the product for almost a week now and following the directions:

"Gently massage into all areas of the body where stretch marks occur 2 times a day. For best results, apply a sufficient amount to the affected areas in the morning and evening and massage into your skin in a circular motion until absorbed."

It says that with consistent use, I should begin to see noticeable improvement in about 4 weeks and optimum improvement in 12 weeks. The cream is supposed to reduce discoloration, improve texture, and enhance softness.

This may seem a bit silly to do, but I don't care. I'm willing to try it out and see if a) the cream works and b) if my stretch marks disappear even a little bit. (Every little bit helps, right?)

So here's my before picture (I'm comfortable enough to show you my belly...stretch marks and post-baby flab):

(a picture adds 10 lbs, right?)

And in 4 weeks, I'll post another picture to show if there's been any progress. (here's to hoping...and maybe I'll start doing some crunches during that time too)

In the meantime, I wonder if there's anyone out there willing to share what they did in order to get rid of their stretch marks...would love to hear from you.


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  1. Well if the Maderma doesn't work Avon has some. It's $19.50 for 6.7 fl oz. Just let me know!