Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have to say, it's been tough trying to pick my favorite vacation. I've been to some really fun places with family and friends: a cruise many moons ago with my family, two trips to Las Vegas with friends, New York City, Destin, Florida, several trips to Mexico, and so forth. This post made me think back to all those trips and the fun memories made, and I'm so glad to have pictures that documented each adventure. If I had to pick though, I think my favorite vacation to date would have to be my honeymoon.

Scott and I went to Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico on our honeymoon and stayed at the Grand Velas Resort. We enjoyed a breathtaking view of the ocean from our room, meals that were truly delectable, and a staff that catered to your every whim. While all this was fabulous, it was our excursions that definitely made the trip so memorable. One day we went and swam with the dolphins. I have always loved dolphins and how beautiful they move in and out of water, so to be able to swim with them was so exciting. I was pretty intimidated at first, but these dolphins were so friendly and well-trained.

Our other excursion was to go on a whale watching tour. We just so happened to be going to Nuevo Vallarta at a time when Humpback whales migrate to the area, so we jumped on the chance to go on a tour. We loaded up in this little motorized raft boat (no joke - I could have leaned over a bit and put my hand in the water - Mary would not have approved) and set out into the ocean. Our tour guide was awesome and taught us all about the whales we would be seeing. There were several other tours going on in various size boats, but what made our little raft so fabulous was the ability to take off quickly when someone spotted a whale. I was truly blown away at my first whale sighting. Remarkable. Graceful. Beautiful. God's magnificent creation. I fell in love instantly (which is probably why I love watching Whale Wars on Animal Planet). An unforgettable experience!

To top it all off, I was able to experience everything with my new hubby!

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